Siberian Larch

GG Joinery offers Siberian Larch planks.

Siberian Larch is softwood. This timber is more durable than many other softwoods, with a natural resistance to decay. It's perfect for cladding, decking, and fencing. Siberian Larch is available in two different grades. Saw falling and Unsorted. We offer you planks in Unsorted Grade. This is the highest grade of Siberian Larch available. This grade features minimal knots in the planks, and where are present, they are smaller than those found in the saw falling grade. 

We offer kiln-dried larch boards.

We have made purchasing online easy for you. Simply choose your required thickness, then width and length. We offer planned Siberian Larch boards in four thicknesses: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, and 44mm. Our planks are supplied with square edges as standard, but we can do a Tongue&Groove profile. If you need extra smooth planks we can sand them for you to smooth, 180 grit finish. If the sizes we offer in our shop do not match your requirements please fill in our form Custom Sized Boards or email us your cutting list.  

The cladding made from Siberian Larch could last 20-30 years.

The colour of Siberian Larch will change over time due to climate elements such as UV and weathering. You cannot stop the greying process but you can delay it by using UV-resistant wood finishing products. If a protective finish is added it will add years to the service life of Siberian larch.

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